What Our Customers Are Saying.

"The children really enjoyed going on the flight simulator and it's opened their minds to future job opportunities they might not have previously considered. I think they've learned a lot."
- Richard Charlesworth Grove Park Primary School

"Flying the plane felt epic but it was very hard, when we came in to land I could feel the sound kind of hit me and go all the way up through my body. I actually crash landed but I loved it!"
- Gabi from London

"Hi John, thank you again for all your help. The feedback from the Heli-expo was very positive and the simulator a great success. We will certainly look to use your services again in the future."
- Rick Andrew from Sloane Helicopters

"Well I think I can say the kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves, a big thank you to John at Simulator Logic for a fantastic time. They really loved it and want to come back again! If anyone wants to book a session then John's your man!"
- Vicky Petrie Caernarfon

“ I had a 1/2 day training session for my Christmas present (2 hours in the air & 2 hours ground instruction).I 'cracked' hovering pretty much straightaway, and ended up doing take offs, circuits, approaches & landings. We also did engine failures (full down collective then throttle off) and lived! I’m sure it wouldn't have gone so well & so far without the 6 hours I've done in your simulator. Regards Tim.”
- Tim Bralesford Derbyshire

“Thank you so much for an excellent evening on the VSS, the kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves and after three days still haven’t stopped talking about it and want to book another session. Thanks again!”
- Vix Louise Petrie Anglesey

“I’ve just been round The Convention Centre and it’s fantastic, much better than last time. They have a brilliant flight simulator here; do try it ,it’s really good. I managed to get a personal record of taking off and landing within 52s.”
- Zoe kirk- Robinson At the Conservative Party Conference 2016

“Secretary of State for foreign affairs Boris Johnson successfully landed the children’s Air Ambulance on an ‘emergency flight’ during The Conservative Party Conference. Mr Johnson proved himself a more than capable pilot when he had a go at the flight simulator on our air stand. He was rated as a promising new pilot after landing the helicopter in just 45s and making it onto the leader board.”
- Children’s Air Ambulance Birmingham October 2016 Children’s Air Ambulance

“Have a go on this fantastic machine, would highly recommend the VSS for any corporate event or celebration.”
- Myrddin Hughes North Wales

“Anyone thinking of learning to fly an R22 should have a go, it’s like flying the real thing ! John who gave me superb instructions on how to fly the R22 is himself a helicopter pilot!”
- Karen Gair Solihull

“The Robinson R22 Simulator is incredibly realistic, made even more so by the controls used which are from a real helicopter dashboard.”
- The Events House Bristol

“Sitting in play position gives you a terrific feel for what it would be behind the controls of a real plane.”
- PSW Events Cambridge

“This helicopter simulator really offers an awe inspiring experience and is the perfect choice for a standout event attraction.”
- The Events House Bristol

“The VSS came complete with an adjustable seat, steering pedals, control switches and a beautifully constructed flight stick.”
- PSW Events Cambridge