Our Simulator Solutions

Simulator Logic Ltd is a dynamic and innovative company based in the UK specialising in simulator solutions. We also design and manufacture bespoke instruments and gauges for your requirements.Our aim is to provide our customers with the best and most ground- breaking products there are to offer.

Robinson R22 Helicopter Simulator


Our helicopter and aeroplane virtual simulators provide high performance quality devices to allow rehearsal and practise for most of the exercises required for the Private Pilot Licence or Commercial Pilot Licence.Our simulators are incredibly realistic using the actual shell and controls of the real aircraft and can be modified for the event market.

Versatile Simulator System’(VSS)

Exclusive: Versatile Simulator System (VSS)

Originally designed for the corporate events and entertainment markets, the VSS virtual simulator is a modular dual axis single place motion system. The modular format enables the device to be configured to individual user’s needs. The simulator can be built for your exact requirements with a range of control options, customisable panels/ colour schemes, a stable platform with integrated trolley wheels and levelling feet, and multiple display options.

Simulator Master Gauge

Instruments & Gauges

Our gauges and instruments are devised for use in simulators and training devices.The master gauge is designed to work with a wide range of simulators.It is a very versatile instrument gauge which can be fitted with our backlighting to illuminate in a range of colours.