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Welcome to Simulator Logic

We would like to share our company ethos with you in this introductory video. Hope you enjoy it and learn more about what drives and motivates the team at SLL.
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Simulator Logic Ltd is a British Company based at Caernarfon Airport. We manufacture aviation and racing car simulators as well as bespoke instruments and gauges in this beautiful region of North West Wales.
USB Gauges and Instruments

The HSL VSI, USB gauge with X-Plane! Take a look at one of our prototype videos showing the VS1 gauge undergoing testing in the early stages of it’s development. This video clip demonstrates the HSL MK1VSI connected via USB to a PC running X-Plane. You tube and the internet sometimes cause the video to not replay very smoothly, our pointers and movements are high resolution and extremely accurate.
Robinson Helicopter R22 ASI

Simulator logic have designed and created a set of special gauges and Instruments that will enable pilots to undergo ground based training and improve flight safety, these devices offer many advantages over similar products. Adaptive pointer colour can be changed to indicate error condition, out of limits or flashed to draw trainees attention. Being very high resolution, these gauges use the very best precision Swiss made stepper motors. The same motors are used in prestige vehicle dashboards for the instrument cluster displays which are easily adapted for any other instrument type including multipointer.
Robinson R22 Simulator Engine Panel

Watch the R22 Simulator Engine Panel in action. Each gauge colours are individually controlled. The colour can be set to change on specific values or directly by the instructor. We manufacture versatile flight simulator systems with a price point that enables the smaller training organizations / flying schools access to the benefits of professional simulators. These have until now been the domain of the larger commercial operators.
Robinson Manifold Pressure Gauge

Take a look at our Manifold Pressure Gauge in action. Our Master Gauges provide the simulator designer with a versatile high performance quality instrument. Designed from the outset for use in a wide range of simulators and indicating systems. Each Master Gauge can directly drive a maximum of three Slave Gauges. The Master Gauge is easily interfaced with most microcontroller cards. We provide a range of interface devices including USB and Ethenet controllers. These gauges will also fit inside the Simkits gauge cases. Building on our outstanding back-lit gauges the use of colour-changing pointers increases the training benefits and adds many features not available from any other simulator system. When a value is reaching a critical or specific status the pointer can be made to flash or illuminate in any colour.

We will be happy to provide a custom solution for your particular SIMPIT or simulator system.
The Versatile Simulator System

Simulator Logic presents the VSS (Versatile Simulator System). The brand new VSS is the ultimate in adaptable simulator solutions functioning as a racing car, aeroplane and helicopter all in one. The modular format enables the device to be configured to individual user’s needs. The simulator can be built for your exact requirements with a range of control options, customizable panels/ colour schemes, a stable platform with integrated trolley wheels and leveling feet, and multiple display options.

Watch the VSS in action at the Bahrain Airshow in jet mode. In reality the VSS experience is even more impressive than shown here on the video. Our high resolution 55” Samsung 1080p resolution triple screen system and 1500w Dolby Surround Sound Speaker delivers an unbelievably realistic experience.
The Versatile Simulator System in racing mode

All our simulators include controller pre-sets making them accessible for experienced and inexperienced customers. Here the VSS is being enjoyed by a group of juniors who visited us recently. They were so excited by their experience they were still talking about it days afterwards! Why not come and visit us at Caernarfon Airport and experience the VSS for yourself.

Visit us at Caernarfon Airport
Simulator Hire And Sale

Our Racing Car Challenge provides an incredibly realistic experience. The motion Simulator Rig, force feedback is transported through the seat and steering wheel with accurate data and dynamics from the software. The finely turned audio configuration and implementation adds considerably to the realistic effect. Add that wow factor to your special occasions or exhibitions by offering the challenge of driving around the world’s most famous racing circuits. All our simulators can be hired at virtually any venue or location. We can transport our simulators both nationally and internationally.

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The Versatile Simulator System in flying mode

In this video a client demonstrates the skill of landing a plane on an airfield. The VSS from Simulator Logic enables your business to offer a selection of activities and experiences whilst having to purchase and manage one single machine. There are multiple configurations which include Jet Fighters, Gliders, Helicopters, and Racing Cars. Our Versatile Simulator System offers an awe-inspiring experience and is the perfect choice for a standout event attraction. Popular scenarios include jet landing on an aircraft carrier, fastest lap at Silverstone and helicopter landing on an oil platform.

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